Diversified Uranium Assets

Mega Uranium Ltd. is a Canadian-based uranium mining and investment company with diversified interests in uranium assets of various forms.

Mega holds equity interests in junior and medium-sized uranium exploration & development companies, royalty and diversified uranium holding companies and its own exploration and development projects in Australia and Canada. 

Through diversification, we give our investors exposure to uranium projects in several countries allowing them to benefit from our long and successful track record in uranium exploration, mining and financial expertise.

Mega Uranium is listed on the TSX under the symbol MGA. 

Investor Information

Mega Uranium Investor Relations
Richard Patricio, Chief Executive Officer and President 

Wendy Warhaft, General Counsel 

For information on matters such as share transfers, share certificates and change of address, inquiries should be directed to the Transfer Agents.

Transfer Agents
TMX Equity Transfer Services
100 Adelaide Street West, Suite 301
Toronto, ON  M5H 4H1
Tel: (416) 361-0152

Ernst & Young LLP
100 Adelaide Street West, PO Box 1
Toronto, ON  M5H 0B5  

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